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COVID-19 continues to be the leader in respiratory infections, while other common viruses seem to be fluctuating. more
RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus is a common cause of mild coldlike symptoms but it can be dangerous for infants and older people. more
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A recent poll by the American Psychological Association found that 41% of adults are more stressed during the holiday months than at any other time. Exercise, adequate sleep and deep breathing can … more
A parent sent WCNC Charlotte photos that showed first responders inside C.C. Griffin Middle School after students complain of "negative reaction" to eating treats. more
ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -- New York State is seeing an increase in RSV---a respiratory virus, that typically resembles the common cold. According to New York State Department of Health data, RSV … more
After an unprecedented crackdown on misleading advertising claims by insurers selling private Medicare Advantage and drug plans, the Biden administration hopes to unleash a special weapon to make … more
Nearly one-quarter of all adults over the age of 45 in the United States will have given care to a loved one in need of help. more
Many of the illnesses spreading can be shortened and symptoms relieved by getting the right medication quickly. Getting into a doctor's office can be challenging — but there are other options. more
The issue at hand is whether the legal shield that bankruptcy provides can be extended to the company's owners, who have not declared bankruptcy themselves. more
The French parliament is considering a ban on single-use, disposable electronic cigarettes that are popular with teenagers for their sweet flavors and are under scrutiny as a new source of trash. more
Advocating for yourself when you’re in the doctor’s office is an important skill. It can be key to early diagnosis and treatment, result in more personalized care, and lead to better health … more
A handful of nurses at the parish’s Public Health Unit are in line for raises of around $13,750 on average, depending on the Parish Council’s support. more
Echoing a statewide trend, the team aims to prevent the tragedies that often result when armed police answer calls involving psychological emergencies. more
The program that provides young LGBTQ people of color with a space for creative expression and sexual health services is moving to a new phase. The post Project Silk renews mission to help … more
Our body’s inner sense of the slowing pace of life that comes naturally with turning further away from the sun conflicts with modern culture's insistence that life continue at the same pace no … more
A trial involving researchers at University of Colorado found it can be safe to transplant stem cells into the brains of people with at least one disabling illness, but the science has a long way to … more
Subscribe to The Point, arriving in your inbox Monday through Friday at 8 a.m. The stories near you • WUFT News: School district reverses decision, putting LGBTQ book back on library shelf. “The … more
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — URMC is almost ready to open it's new Orthopedics and Physical Performance Center — and News 8 was able to get a sneak preview! The complex, which cost $227 million to … more
The company is building out WeightWatchers Clinic, offering "doctor-led access to prescription medication for those who need it." "We needed to be the first to be proud and loud about the fact that … more
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